English as a Second Language… essential skill or a fancy idea

English as a second language and as an essential skill has a most wishes dream for me.
when I write this sentence this question came to m mind that why I don’t reach to this dram, wish, goal or anything?
and this my answer:
this was never a real goal for me.
at best situation that was a fancy idea.
in my country when children go to school, even before school in the family, learning English shown as a very important thing to them.
but frankly, I think is just a dream. dream of parents, educational system and … because in reality, they don’t actually attempt to reach their children to a suitable point.
my means of actual attempt is about using a prepared educational system, create a real and reachable goal for children & …
my goal, in 36 years old, is to:

English as a Second Language

speak a language except for my native language fluently

write a letter for a friend acceptable and

read English book with suitable speed

I decide to write one post every month with the english language for 6 months. in other words, writing 6 posts is my goal.

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